Ignoring the Digital Life of Seniors and their Caregivers

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Lots of the old school tactics for reaching seniors and their family members ignore their digital life. For the youngest generations, digital life is interwoven into the rest of their experiences in a seamless way. Their phone and its apps are an extenson of their hands, eyes and words. They go back and forth between what’s in front of them and what’s in the digital space without even a thought.

It’s easy to say that the digital world isn’t real- it only exists in the “unreal” space of digital stuff. It’s also easy to think that seniors aren’t very digital. But is that really the experience of seniors and their families? Consider these questions:

  1. To a senior who spends a couple of hours a day on Facebook, is digital a part of their lives?
  2. When the primary connection to friends and family happens using a messenger app, isn’t that a real part of the seniors life?
  3. If one of the most prized possessions of the seniors that you serve are the photos and videos of their children, grand children and great grand children, is that meaningful to them?
  4. If a family member searching for care options sees a negative review on your social listing, and decides to keep looking, does that create a substantial impact?
  5. To a baby boomer or an online senior how do they react if they can’t get a cell phone signal or wifi? How do you react?
  6. If you measure value by how much time is spent, how much value do seniors and their families place on what they experience digitally via video, social media and streamed movies?

Are you ignoring the digital life of seniors?

According to Pew research , in the year 2000 only 14% of those ages 65 and older were online. Now that number is 73%. More than half of that is happening on a smart phone. In the life of this author, all the Octogenarians are heavy Roku of Firestick users, own a smartphone and some of them spend more than 2-hours a day on Facebook. All of them check Facebook often to catch up on family updates and what’s happening.

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Here are some ways that might be ignoring this important part of their life:

  1. Failing to promote the digital access that you provide via WIFI, apps or other digital tools.
  2. Ignoring your online reviews on Google, Facebook and other locations
  3. Avoiding the search engine optimization required to make sure you show up first.
  4. Not using social media to provide digital value
  5. Using low-quality photography online or on social media, or no photography at all
  6. Having only 1 or 0 videos on your website or social media
  7. Not having the ability to respond to people when they Facebook Message you, or not having live chat

Having a focus on your digital marketing and communication is really just reaching people – where they live.

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