Google Search in 2020: Strategies to Increase Results for Local Senior Care Organizations

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Hi! This is Jennifer Bailey with Story Collaborative, and today we are going to talk about the state of local Google search results and how you can continue to beat out the competition with quality organic content.

Although not a lot has changed in local search, I have definitely seen a traffic change in 2019 with a lot of our websites who were receiving thousands of non-local, organic to articles. During the course of the year, I saw the traffic shift geographically from national to more targeted, local traffic. It was not a decrease in traffic, just geographic shift. In addition, I saw an increase in time on site and pages per visit.

I have also heard from business owners that their websites have taken a dip in some of their rankings and traffic. Without an analysis, I tend to believe it is because of changes in the Google ranking algorithm.

While some say that ranking factors “don’t really change from year to year” I challenge that idea based on the simple fact that I have witnessed firsthand some of my websites change in their rankings, even though the changes were not negative in nature.

We all know that Google wants its search results to be highly relevant, but we also know that they live off of advertising sales. With this in mind, let’s dig into what we know has changed, and what we can do to continue playing Google’s ranking game, and increase our local organic search results.

Increase your local Google results for Senior Care:

Relevance and value have long been Google’s priority in their rankings. They look at things like trust, reliable content, and authority to decide who’s website should come up as #1 in search results. When you think about it this way, you can see why the following would be considered in Google’s ranking results:

  • Quality reviews on Google
  • Business Location and Contact information
  • Content that describes the services or products
  • Domain name quality
  • Links from qualified sources like the local media or other qualified businesses
  • Presence on social media
  • Semantic content (related, e.g. “retirement home” and “assisted living”)

Getting keyword rankings is all about using common sense and offering high-quality content. But it is also true that while you can rank for “retirement home” for example, you may not also be ranking for “assisted living” because they are two different but related things. With that in mind, below are some key phrases you might be able to use in the senior market.

Here are some keywords you should be used in the senior care industry:

Updated January 23, 2020

home instead senior care49,500
senior care12,100
senior care centers 6,600
senior home care6,600
senior care near me1,600
senior home care near me1,300
senior care facilities near me 720
senior day care near me720
assisted living90,500
assisted living near me60,500
assisted living facilities22,200
assisted living facilities near me14,800
retirement homes22,200
retirement homes near me14,800
armed forces retirement home1,600

Local Search Ranking Recommendations

So for 2020 here are our recommendations to have the strongest local search results possible:

Prune your Content

  • Consolidate content and cut down the garbage
  • Update outdated content
  • Eliminate or combine any duplicate content

Create New, Relevant Content

  • Come up with some of the most frequently asked questions your new clients might ask, and answer all of the questions one article at a time
  • Bulk up your service or product pages
  • Tie all your content together with a semantic website menu and an internal linking tree

Make your Google Profile as comprehensive and engaging as possible

  • Fill out as many fields as possible
  • Get new and relevant reviews on a regular basis
  • Add a “gazillion” photos!
  • Make sure you choose as many categories as possible

Rankings are Getting Smarter

Google may not be dramatically changing its algorithm – but with the progression of technology, we also have the progression of rankings.

Remember this:

Increased value = Increased rankings

Continue to be a valuable resource to your market and you are guaranteed to continue to increase our rankings!

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