Basic Marketing for Senior Living: Two Easy Steps

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For the senior care industry, it shouldn’t be hard to get the phone to ring. When adult parents need assistance for their elderly mom or dad, they will be starting on a journey to finding the answers they need – whether it’s home care options or information about assisted living communities near them.

There are two quick marketing activities that Directors and Marketers can do right now to get the phone to ring immediately. Let’s take a look…

Story Collaborative’s Jennifer Bailey talks about Getting the Phone to Ring

1. Adult Parents use Google to find information.

With today’s technology, there is no reason that adult parents have to wait for the information that they need, it is at their fingertips. It is Google’s job to present relevant information to the person who is searching. Therefore, it is your job to make sure that relevant information about your services is available online!

Here are some commonly searched terms that adult parents use:

  • senior care near me
  • retirement communities near me
  • assisted living facilities near me

According to Pew Research center, Baby Boomers are spending more and more time in front of the computer or TV, and less and less time doing other recreational activities. Sound familiar?

Those 60 and older – a group increasingly populated by aging Baby Boomers – now spend more than half of their daily leisure time, four hours and 16 minutes, in front of screens, mostly watching TV or videos. Screen time has increased for those in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, and the rise is apparent across genders and education levels. Meanwhile, the time that these older adults spend on other recreational activities, such as reading or socializing, has ticked down slightly.

Step 1: Create and maintain your Google Business Listing.

If you haven’t already created your Google Business listing, getting started is simple – go to and follow the steps.

Tips for creating and maintaining your Google Business Listing:

Here you can create your Google Business Listing.

Step 2: Create and maintain your Facebook Business Page.

A Facebook page has become almost as important as your Google Business listing. In some cases, this is the most valuable asset that you can have because it creates a place to get updates, read reviews and keep in touch about what’s going on in your community of seniors!

Tips for creating and maintaining your Facebook page:

Create your Facebook Listing Now, Right Now!

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